AMSYS – Life Cycle Management (LCM) Client Introduction Video

The AMSYS modular, web-based Life Cycle Management (LCM) Client is the optimal solution for the automated, digitized and transparent design of your reactive, proactive or even strategic process.

The Life Cycle Management (LCM) Client comprises 3 modules which you can either operate as a combined solution or as a separate application – fully customized in accordance with your requirements.


AMSYS Life Cycle Management (LCM) Client identifies potential likelihood of risk by programmatically connecting to SiliconExpert design and component libraries. AMSYS LCM Client completely integrates SiliconExpert’s reliable information with customers’ internal data to fully automize the management of obsolescence cases and digitize customizable risk analysis of complex systems. From life cycle classification and compliance information to crosses and pricing datas, company-wide life cycle management processes are streamlined.


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Automated Risk Management​

Combine your internal data in the LCM Client Risk Management (RM) Module, such as stock levels, impact assessments and multi-level system configurations, with manufacture part numbers and select specific parts, directly matched with the SE database, to assess your individual risk level. Get up to an eight-year forecast on part obsolescence status and easily evaluate possible replacements or other measures to manage proactively against risks with mitigation or prevention strategies.

Customized Case Workflow Management

Automate the management of your obsolescence cases in the LCM Client Obsolescence Management (OM) Module and individually map your process pursuant to the IEC 62402 with full traceability of the actions taken. Achieve enormous resource savings through interfaces with SiliconExpert data and internal systems with full integration of the smartPCN and VDMA 24903 standards for your communication with suppliers and customers.

Individual Obsolescence and Management Reports

Click on specific parts for in-depth reports containing complete manufacture name, date of alert publications, clean manufacture number, category of PCN/PDN, and many more. Open a case, add a title, assign responsibilities and priority to start a workflow with all individuals involved. Transform data into information with the LCM Client alert and reporting capabilities you always get a complete list of results, easily sorted and filtered.


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