Who is AMSYS? – Developer & Hosting Provider of LCM Client

AMSYS develops, implements and digitizes applicable solutions, processes and applications for perfect obsolescence, discontinuation, configuration, change, risk and life cycle management.

Successful Project Guaranteed

Thanks to an extensive experiences in a vast range of industry sectors over many years, AMSYS can analyse processes extremely fast to design, implement and digitise necessary tools. You will receive most competent consultation together with perfect software. AMSYS experts are specialised in making sure that implemented solutions are applicable.

AMSYS Highlight

The AMSYS Life Cycle Management (LCM) Client is a customizable, modular, web-based software, smartPCN, VDMA24903 and IEC62402 compliant, all in a secured environment, hosted locally or on a dedicated AMSYS (SaaS) server.

Save Time and Money

AMSYS LCM Client identifies potential likelihood of risk by programmatically connecting to SiliconExpert design and component libraries. AMSYS LCM Client completely integrates reliable parts information with customers’ internal data to automize management of obsolescence cases and digitize customizable risk analysis of complex systems. From life cycle classification and compliance information to crosses and pricing data, company-wide life cycle management processes are streamlined.

Automated Risk Management

Combine internal data in the AMSYS LCM Client Risk Management (RM) Module, such as stock levels, impact assessments and multi-level system configurations, with parts directly matched with component databases, to assess individual risk level. Get up to an eight-year forecast on part obsolescence status and easily evaluate possible replacements or other measures to manage proactively against risks with mitigation or prevention strategies.

Customized Case Workflows

Automate management of obsolescence cases in the AMSYS LCM Client Obsolescence Management (OM) Module and individually map process pursuant to IEC62402 with traceability of actions taken. Achieve enormous resource savings through interfaces with SiliconExpert data and internal systems with integration of smartPCN and VDMA24903 standards for communication with suppliers and customers.

Individual Obsolescence Reports

Use the AMSYS LCM Client for in-depth reports containing complete manufacturer details, date of alert publications, category of PCN/PDN and many more. Open a case, add a title, assign responsibilities and priority to start a workflow with all individuals involved. Transform data into information, with the AMSYS LCM Client alert and reporting capabilities you always get a complete list of results, easily sorted and filtered.

AMSYS Multifaceted Expert Consulation

Customised training solutions are executed sustainably, enabling to prevent production downtimes and service interruptions throughout the entire life cycle. You will benefit from systemic expertise in problem solving, as well as extensive experience in planning, design and execution of process changes, to manage the risk and consequences of obsolescence.

The Extra Mile

AMSYS is business partner of COGD (Component Obsolescence Group Deutschland), ‘Endorsed Trainer’ of IIOM (International Institute of Obsolescence Management), German Spokesman for Standards of IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), head of working groups at VDI (Association of German Engineers), co-author of VDMA (Mechanical Engineering Industry Association) Standards, co-autor of specialist publication ‘Strategies to the Prediction, Mitigation and Management of Product Obsolescence’ and also developer & hosting provider of the largest exchange portal for transport companies in Europe.


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