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In our animated video you will see how effective obsolescence management helps you to have reactive, proactive and even strategic approach to managing your product life cycle.

How about an automated and digitized framework?

With the help of the AMSYS Life Cycle Management (LCM) Client, you can take care of your obsolescence management process in a more integrated and organized way.

Need to find the optimal solution to a discontinuation or change notice with full traceability of all actions taken? – The reactive Obsolescence Management (OM) Module is the perfect match!

Automate your management for all obsolescence cases. You can integrate internal information like:

  • your personal knowledge
  • attachments
  • documentation
  • feedback from your colleagues

Now your team collaboration will get better and found issues will be resolved faster.

Need to forecast and monitor your obsolescence risks which will impact your products according to international standards? – The proactive Risk Management (RM) Module got you covered!

You can import and export all needed data with complete structures and multi-level bill of materials and get all the information you need, as:

  • Current obsolescence statuses
  • Obsolescence forecasts
  • Pricing information
  • Current stock levels
  • Environmental information
  • Or even possible replacements for obsolete components
  • Filter and build dashboards based on your needs
  • Get notified about changes of the obsolescence status and forecasts

Thanks to the integration of SiliconExpert data, you can make better decisions, faster, based on individual criteria.

Obsolescence Management has never been easier – Thanks to the AMSYS Life Cycle Management (LCM) Client!


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