LCM Client – Obsolescence Management Module

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LCM Client – OM Module


🚀 Elevate Your Reactive Obsolescence Management Game:

 Exciting news for teams navigating the intricacies of product lifecycles! Our Obsolescence Management (OM) Module is here to redefine the game, ensuring improved case collaboration and seamless handling of Product Change Notifications (PCN) with a promise of full transparency and greater team satisfaction through automated workflows.


💡 Full Transparency, Greater Team Satisfaction:

With the Obsolescence Management Module, transparency becomes non-negotiable. Say goodbye to the days of uncertainty and confusion. Real-time updates and automated workflows empower your team with the clarity needed to make informed decisions, fostering a sense of satisfaction across every level of your organization.


🔄 Automated Workflows for Effortless Operation:

✅ Efficiency Unleashed: The module introduces automated workflows that streamline obsolescence management and PCN handling. Say hello to efficiency and bid farewell to manual, time-consuming processes.

✅ Proactive Problem Solving: Identify and address potential challenges before they disrupt your operations. The automated workflows ensure that your team is always one step ahead, mitigating risks and embracing a not only a reactive approach.


🛠️ Key Features for Your Success:

🤝 Unified Collaboration: A centralized platform that brings together every stakeholder and piece of relevant information. Collaboration has never been this seamless.

📈 Data-Driven Insights: Leverage the power of analytics for data-driven decision-making. Make informed choices backed by real-time data.

🌐 Global Accessibility:

Access the module from anywhere, anytime. Adapt to the demands of a dynamic business environment with the flexibility you need.

🥇 Best Solutions to Technical Hurdles:

We don’t just stop at automation. Count on us for the best solutions to navigate complex technical challenges posed by obsolescence. Your success is our priority!


👥 Ready to Overcome Obsolescence Challenges?

Connect with us to explore the Obsolescence Management (OM) Module in the AMSYS LCM Client. Let’s revolutionize how you navigate the lifecycles of electronic components, ensuring transparency, satisfaction, and peak performance at every turn.

Register at for your free trial version of the AMSYS Life Cycle Management (LCM) Client and the integrated Obsolescence Management (OM) Module.


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